Bomb Threat at GWHS

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It was the first Monday of the new school year, a gloomy day of August 20th. It was at 2:30 in the afternoon, and the new freshman were anxiously awaiting to get home after their first day of high school. Shortly after the final bell, however, an announcement rang overhead ordering all students and staff to evacuate the building immediately.


The principal of George Washington, Dr.Waters, stated, “I learned about it right at the end of the school day. The phone call came in I believe after students had already been dismissed.” Confusion immediately took place across the jam packed hallways. After some time passed, most students were not out of the building yet, which then called for a fire alarm and got more students to hurry out of the building and gather in the soccer fields.

Mrs. Love, one of George’s secretaries, got the phone call according to Dr.Waters. Dr.Waters also went on to talk about the protocol for something unexpected like this, “She immediately went into the protocol which is to try and get as much information as possible and to keep the person on the phone to see as much as possible. If its a credible threat, what their saying seems logical, is it an adult, is it a student…”

Bomb threats have been on the rise throughout the 2015-2016 school year, as according to ESSN it has seen an “unprecedented increase in school related bomb threat incidents both in the United States and throughout the world.” With this incident being new at George Washington and dangerous situations like bomb threats and schools shooting growing, the prioritization of security and safety at schools may be quickly rising to the top. Currently at George, and like many other schools, there is no bomb threat drill, and the question is rising whether students and staff should be more prepared.

However, George seemed to handle this incident well and according to Dr. Waters, when asked if the situation was taken seriously, students and staff were well prepared, “I think once everybody gets into the ‘oh wow we need to take this seriously’ yes they did.” Many people are familiar with a fire drill, while less people know what to do in the case of a situation like a bomb threat, although it is an occurring situation throughout schools worldwide. However, on the very first day of school when a new situation popped up, George Washington High School did what was necessary and was (and still is) well prepared for any other future incidents.


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