Freshman First Impressions

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It’s been around 37 days since school started and by now most freshmen in the school have been settled in and have gotten used to everyone and everything around them. Here are some of their first impressions on the school so far.

For most people, it’s been easy to find their way around the school but there are still some freshman who lose their bearings and get lost once in a while.I’m a very directionally challenged person,” Jillian Osborne said.

There has been a mixed feeling on the amount of homework which could be because of all the different classes.


“I’ve had to spend hours at a time on homework,” Osborne stated.

While Evelyn Milias said, “We literally get almost no homework.”

The freshmen’s thoughts on their fellow students have also been mixed- most likely because of the recent behavior problems in some classes. Although it seems most students are respectful of the school rules.

So far, everyone has a positive perception of the teachers and what they do for us.

“The teachers are all really nice, and they’re super social, which is nice,” Milias said.

Anyways, there’s still so much time left in the school year so maybe people’s opinions will become more developed later on as the freshman grow and change.


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