“Pipe Nightmares” The Pipe Burst – An Explanation

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By now, most of the school knows about the pipe burst that occurred on September 6th, dealing some water damage to the theatre and forcing school administration to reschedule Back to School Night, but most students can only speculate about exactly why it happened.

Some water damage was sustained to the stage and to some flooring. “The good news is all the damage is covered by insurance.” Principal Dr. Kristin Waters said. “It might take a while, but the floors will be repaired on the stage, the costumes and things that were damaged will be replaced. In the math room office, the floor had asbestos in it, and because of that the tiles started to pop up, so that’s all been removed and a new floor will be installed.”


“It was an old pipe, and it just rusted out, and the cap broke, and just shot off.” Dr. Waters said regarding the cause of the burst, “It was only on, before we turned it off, for maybe a maximum of ten minutes.” The burst, according to Dr. Waters, was from a pipe in a girls’ bathroom on the third floor, (it was clean water, no need to worry).

This event will most likely not have any particularly long-term effects on infrastructure or renovations, although it could happen again. “The building’s 60 years old, and so the infrastructure starts to wear down. We’re updating some things, but with things that are behind walls and the things that you don’t see, this kind of thing happens.”

Currently, there are no plans to do any major overhauls of the rusted or damaged pipes. “[…] it would be a major bond project, and it’s a big deal to do that; it would take an entire Summer to do.” Dr. Waters said, “We’d have to go through and drill through every wall in every classroom with pipes in it. It is a possibility in the future, but there’d have to be a big fundraising campaign for the district.”

For now, the issue remains essentially unresolved. The minor damage that was sustained isn’t a huge issue, but next time we might not get so lucky. Perhaps it will eventually be fixed, in fact it most likely should, but until then we’ll just have to keep an eye out for problems as they arise.

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