GW Pizza: The Guy Behind the Sales

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11:10 AM on Monday is just another lunch for the students at GWHS, but it’s a day of work for Konstantin, the guy who sells pizza from the white truck at the end of the courtyard.  Not many students actually bother to learn who Konstantin is. Out of the three students interviewed for this article, none of them even knew his name. The students of GW just buy pizza, and don’t really think much of who they’re buying pizza from.  

So who is this so called pizza guy? Well, for starters, he first sold pizza outside of GW in 2001.  That’s 17 years of selling pizza from the white pizza truckvan we all know so well. He says he sells pizza here every day.  That means Konstantin has been selling pizza at GW for approx. 4146 days. Now that’s a lot of pizza.


Konstantin was born “in Tajikistan, USSR.” He also grew up in Tajikistan. He moved to the US in 1997, and he decided to settle down in Denver later that year.  He has “three kids, 32, 26,16” are their ages. No, the 16 year old doesn’t go to GW unfortunately.

A survey was conducted with 50 people.  Each person was asked how many times a week they buy pizza from the pizza truck.  27 people said zero times a week, 3 three said five times a week, and the rest of the group said one to four times a week.  If these numbers reflect the rest of the student body, this means that almost 50% of the students here get pizza at least once a week.

That profit adds up fast for any small business.  The product in itself, the pizza, is quite inexpensive to make.  Konstantin has built a successful business model that (presumably) makes enough profit to be worth the work, time and money invested.  Because of this, we should all assume that Konstantin will be selling pizza at GWHS for several more years. When asked if he enjoyed selling pizza to students Konstantin said, “yes.”

So next time you see Konstantin (pronounced kawn-stahn-teen) make sure to say hello and thank him for his work.

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