Patriot Players Present “The Children’s Hour”

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This past October, the George Washington theatre department put on their play called The Children’s Hour by Lillian Hellman.

 The play is a story of two women who run a boarding school, and one of their more rebellious students, Mary Tilford played by sophomore Mayan Caplan, runs away and accuses the two women, Martha played by Alexandra Marusich and Karen played by Astra Megysi, of false homosexual activity. This rumor starts from Mary Tilford’s grandmother to the whole town, this causes their boarding school to shut down and a loss in a court case regarding the rumor. This story is about the evils of lying and how much damage it can cause. 

The cast and audience members all agree that The “Children’s Hour” was a challenging piece that had an important message in today’s time. Scott Hasbrouck, theatre teacher and consistent director of GW productions, did not work as closely on this production due to his paternity leave. This left the student director, Naomi Vangulick, and guest director, Meghan Gates from Hill Middle School, to take charge on this production, and everyone agrees that they did a successful job. Audience member, Vanessa Scanlan, senior, when asked about the outcome of “The Children’s Hour”, she stated, “Being part of theatre and understanding both sides of the process, I believe that it was one of our strongest performances and that our theater community is expanding to more people and is attracting more people to participate and see our shows.” Vanessa is part of the theatre program, and this was one of the shows that she did not participate in due to fall sports, so she only got to see the show as an audience member.

This show also had around 30 people audition but only had a cast of 14-16 students.any freshmen were part of the production and had a chance to start their high school theatre experience with a bang with such a powerful and strong show. 

Freshman Ariel Sutherland, who portrayed Peggy, had mentioned “Being a freshman and part of this production was something I was not ready for, but it was cool nonetheless. I am very excited to do more productions here and it is for sure a step up from middle school theater.” Ariel was one of the many freshmen who were part of the cast, most of them are continuing to do theater here at GW with the upcoming winter musical, Chicago. Auditions have already started and it is full of new freshmen –  some of who have never done theater before, and many freshmen whose faces were seen in “The Children’s Hour”. GW Patriot Players will continue working hard to put on the best shows they can and putting on shows with strong messages.

5 recommended
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