School Almost Set on Fire

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On September 19th, just before lunch time, a student set a small fire in the restroom. The fire however, extinguished itself quickly after. The student then went back to his classroom and tried to set a fire using paper in the trash can. A student quickly intervened to stop this from escalating any further. The Denver Police and Fire Department soon got involved and are taking disciplinary measures towards the student. Due to the student being a minor, I cannot disclose the students name.  

Kimberly, a Freshman at George, witnessed this from the same classroom as the student. “I was sitting in my seat doing work and then this student started a fire in the trash. I didn’t really know this student. I just knew him from class.” She said the student only showed a few signs that he would do this like, “he kept talking bad about the school” and “never really liked anybody.”

“I was in the middle of a meeting regarding some behavior offsite for another student when I heard this happen,” said Dr. Waters. “The news came all at once about a fire being started in the restroom but being quickly put out after. When I heard that it was put out quickly, that was a relief that none of the students were harmed . . . The police, fire department, our security guards, and disciplinary team were all involved in this incident.” Thankfully through this whole incident, no one was harmed.


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