Sports Hidden Behind Sports

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Cheerleaders: the hype crew for sports such as basketball, football, and baseball games but people are forgetting that it is a actual sport and not just a hobby. Many are also forgetting that cheerleading can be competitive and that it is hiding behind other more popular sports like football and basketball.


A lot of GW cheerleaders feel there should be some differences from how they are represented right now. One cheerleader from the GW cheer team who believes that their reputation should change is Mia Walters, a cheerleading captain for the GW team., I asked her if she would like to compete instead of just doing sideline GW cheerleading for other sports and she said,  “I would rather compete because we get to do so much more and push ourselves as hard as we can go. It is also a time to showcase everything we can do.”

GW Cheerleading has been, for awhile, non competitive and cheerleaders like Mia, who are serious about cheerleading, would rather show what they can really do in competitions. I also asked her what she thinks about GW cheer as real sport when they are only doing sideline most of the time and she replied with “Cheer takes extreme amounts of athleticism, commitment, and persevering just like any other sport, so I would say that,  to a certain extent, that other sports do take away cheers value as a “real” sport.”

Sports like cheerleading don’t get as much credit as they deserve and should because just like every sport, it takes a certain amount of everything from persevering to showing up at practice everyday. No matter your opinion, no one can say that the cheer team doesn’t work hard and put hours into mastering their craft at any level. When I watch the GW Cheer team cheer for our teams, I can see that even though cheerleading as a sport may be hiding a little bit For many, cheerleaders are only at games exposing school spirit. However, when I watch the GW Cheer Team cheer for our teams I see the hidden athletes and their continued fight for greatness.

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