The Midterms and Title IX

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Title IX, a proposition by President Donald Trump, could threaten the rights of Transgender students all across America.  As you may have heard, the 2018 midterms took place on Tuesday, November 6th. During this election, a lot took place, particularly on the federal level.  These elections will soon determine whether transgenders are stripped of their rights or not.


The GOP claimed the senate for yet another term.  If you’re not aware, the GOP is an acronym for the Grand Old Party, which is traditionally filled with Republican candidates holding traditional conservative ideals.  The GOP currently holds 51 seats, whereas the democratic party holds 44. “I think it’s good. It sounds good,” states River Greer. However, another student named Mearlin Roberts states, “I think it’s bad for any one party to dominate, but the way we have things set up creates deadlock on a regular basis.”  The students seem to be split on their opinions about this topic.

A notable switch that happened over the midterms in the house of representatives; the Republican Party lost 28 seats. On every midterm, all the former members of the house are dropped, and the entire house is up for reelection.  During this process, the democrats gained 28 seats. The Democrats now hold 225 seats, as opposed to the Republicans’ 197. On the topic of the house, Roberts states, “I mean it’s not inherently a bad thing. I tend to identify more with liberal ideas, so I am glad that the democrats have more power, but I don’t like how our system goes into deadlock almost a hundred percent of the time.” Another student named River states, “I think it’s good because I’m a liberal.” Both students identify with more liberal viewpoints.

The midterms brought on a lot of discourse, particularly in one pressing issue proposed by President Trump; Title IX.  This recently proposed law would federally mandate gender to be defined as your gender at birth. Because Republicans typically support this law, and because Republicans won the senate, this proposition has the potential to pass.  That’s one reason why the Democratic win in the senate was so important to some. If Title IX was to pass, then it would be a major setback to the LGBT community, and as we know, it has the potential to pass. “I don’t like Trump, unfortunately,” states one student named Cole.  Mearlin says that “I disagree with the proposition, both on moral and biological grounds, and I don’t think it should pass.” Lastly, River states, “Oranges are delicious but that doesn’t mean everyone likes them.” From these three quotes, we can determine that most of the students are against the policy implemented by President Trump.  This may have something to do with the fact that this generation of students is more progressive than past generations, and therefore more open to new ideas, like transgenderism.

These changes in federal offices will determine if Title IX is to pass, and potentially be devastating for transgenders, and a large step in the wrong direction for advances in LGBT rights.


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