Behavioral Issues At GW

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Throughout this year I noticed that there have been some huge behavioral issues in classes. Students have been loud, disrespectful, and disturbing other peer’s work time.

One good example of this would be when one of our Spanish teachers was forced to quit because she couldn’t take the stress from the students anymore. “To be honest I don’t think we can stop it, it’s probably just one of those unstoppable forces, you know?” said Mearlin Roberts.

Upon interviewing other students about the topic to see if they’ve also seen these behavioral issues I discovered that it’s not in every part of the school. An anonymous student said, “besides that kid setting the trashcan on fire I haven’t had any experience with it.”

Based on this information it seems that these issues are only in a few select classes, however, when it occurs it is usually very severe and irritating. Students and staff should work together to find a solution in order to alleviate the problem.

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