Bonfire Celebration

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The annual George Washington High School bonfire was held on the night of Friday, November 16th from 5:00 to 7:00 P.M on the George softball field.

The bonfire was set up to contain a wide variety of entertainment, and has been going on for many years and is an exciting tradition for school spirit. Some of the steps necessary to host a bonfire are explained by the Director of School Activities, Mrs. Richason, “To host a bonfire, the student leadership pays a $75 fee to obtain a permit from the City and County of Denver. We also call the local fire department to have a truck come out to monitor and put out the hot pockets once all the wood is burned.”


The activities included were planned to range from tasty food trucks all the way up to music. However, some of these main events did not go to plan. The 3 food trucks scheduled to show all cancelled abruptly. The Taco truck had called in the day before and cancelled, and due to an overheat of the Waffle truck they called in just 30 minutes before the event to cancel as well. The last hope was the Ice Cream truck, but was also a no show with no notice why. According to  Mrs. Richason, another thing that went a little different than expected is the amount of time it took to actually light the bonfire, “Many students attended the bonfire, but because it took a while to light, some students left before getting the full experience. This is the first year the bonfire burned for longer than 15 minutes because it took awhile to take.”

This scenario was frustrating to both students and staff as both the food trucks and the efficiency of the bonfire are all part of the tradition and makes the event more enjoyable. Also during this event, the Green VS White alumni game was taking place with former basketball star John Hodges celebrating his hall of fame induction. This activity did go as a success. Through many mishaps, it was still a night full of special events at GW and many decided to attend the annual bonfire.


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