Controversial Rapper Blueface Is Blowing Up

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Throughout the history of music, their have been legends, controversial characters, and one hit wonders. Tupac Shakur, legend, enough said. Gotye, never heard of him? He created the song “Somebody That I Used to Know” and is a typical one hit wonder. “Controversial characters” consist of many rock stars and rappers even if all musicians do controversial things. That is just how things go.

That brings this article to its next point of emphasis, Blueface. Blueface is a rising LA rapper that is catching the eye of rap critics and fans everywhere. His pitchy tone and unique flow has people debating, “is Blueface garbage?” Well that question cannot be answered unanimously. To older rap fans, yes Blueface is a terrible rapper who has no flow and should not ever be considered an up and coming artist. To the youth, they have never heard anything like him before. He has a new and unique flow and has pretty nice punchlines.

Blueface cannot be a one hit wonder as he has multiple popular songs such as “Thotiana”, “Next Big Thing”, and “Dead Locs”. He has gotten a cosign (approval or appreciation from a bigger named artist) by Drake which is a big accomplishment for a rising artist. People who back up Blueface relate him to the Migos. “Migos started their rap style everyone started stealing it and calling it ‘the migo rap’. Dare to be different, that’s what Blueface is doing right now and you have to respect that. Who does Blueface sound like? No one.” says DJ Ghost, a highly acclaimed rap critic from LA.

Blueface could be considered controversial because his messages in his music. He talks about smoking, committing crimes, and rolling around with girls. That’s nothing new in rap music, but when it’s close to the youth like he is, it could get scary. He was invited to a high school in Southern Cali. and performed his songs that would make “a parent want to pull their child out of school” according to a Pitchfork article. “If I heard him performing without censored content, I would run across the gym and unplug the  mic” says Mrs. Richason, a teacher at George Washington.

No matter what you categorize Blueface as, you cannot deny the fact that he is different. Stay tuned, you will see Blueface on Billboard soon.

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