Global Warming: The Last Straw

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Here is the raw, unadulterated truth: there are only 12 years left before the effects of global warming are irreversible. This means that we have a limited amount of time until there is no way to stop a catastrophic natural disaster from destroying our planet. There are a couple major issues that are already showing up all over the world, but significantly, in Colorado. These include: water scarcity and pine beetle infestation.


Colorado’s previously beautiful environment, full of lush pine and aspen trees and snow coated mountains is deteriorating…fast. The article, Impacts in Colorado describes that the large increase in average temperature in the Western US, “…exacerbates already existing problems such as snowpack, water scarcity, drought, pine beetle infestation, etc.” The melting snow erodes the mountain sides and guides the depreciation of our water supply. This is both bad for the landscape but mostly endangers many different species, including all of the humans and animals that rely on the snow melt for water.

Additionally, the Mountain Pine Beetles are a leading cause in the destruction of Colorado’s ecosystem, another effect of Global Warming. “Pine forests have experienced severe drought and relatively warm temperatures in both summer and winter during the past decade, resulting in stressed trees and the perfect conditions for an MPB [Mountain Pine Beetle] outbreak,” according to Mountain Pine Beetle on the Colorado Front Range. The increase of these pesky beetles only raises the risk of devastating forest fires and the destruction of a once structured habitat for various animals.

Even though the effects of Global Warming are extremely apparent in Colorado’s environment, politicians do not seem to be doing enough to help. No one is doing anything, or at least not quick enough. The world of politics is sinking deeper into a cesspool of selfishness and inaction. A direct quote from Colorado Environmental Scorecard; You care about Colorado’s environmental legacy. Do your legislators? states, “Bold policies to protect our environment and way of life were shut down, reminding us once against of the need to elect pro-conservation leaders.” The lack of representatives for conservation in Colorado’s government only takes away more hope for improvement. If more people were knowledgeable, involved, and actively trying to help, maybe we would be getting somewhere.

Let’s do what we can to protect our environment while we still have time. To some, twelve years is a very long time, an excuse to keep pushing the problem away. But in terms of the world and its billions of years on us, twelve years is a few minutes, a few that cannot be wasted and matter. Now is the time to protect our ecosystems, animals and extend the time we have on this planet.

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