More Than A Cute Platformer

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Welcome to my game review. Today I will be reviewing A Hat in Time. Recently, there has been a rising trend in the video games industry known as the crowdfunded spiritual successor. But how does this seemingly perfect way to make a good game keep falling flat? Well there’s two reasons for this.

Number one, the people who worked on the original games that came to help with the successor have been gone from that work for so long they fail to emulate what they used to do, and number two, the development team has no prior knowledge to what made the first games great. With all this in mind, let’s talk about the actual game now.

Right when you start the game, you probably will notice the art style and game-play look very familiar. This is because the game takes influence from old GameCube titles such as Super Mario Sunshine and The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. Although A Hat in Time takes inspiration from these it doesn’t beg you to remember the past. It’s just saying this is who we are and because of this the game ends up passing its predecessors.

Much like most 3D Mario titles, this game has a huge amount of exploration and collectibles. But unlike Yooka-Laylee, a game that was also a crowdfunded spiritual successor, the developers of A Hat in Time were confident in the work they did, they were confident in how the game played and how the game felt. There was only a few small annoying problems in this game and that was it. There was a few glitches and I felt lost on occasion but I didn’t get lost because I was stuck. I got lost because the world was enthralling.

When you, the player, are having fun before the game has even started that means the developers have given their game life. It makes you wanna speak to every character, interact with every object, and beat every level you possibly can. So what does separate A Hat In Time from these other games? The difference is two million dollars, a JonTron cameo, and a dev team that actually cared. You gave these other people millions for empty promises so give these guys billions for an actually good game.

10 recommended
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