Patriot Player’s Dessert Theatre

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The Patriot Players hosted their annual Dessert Theater Thursday, November 29th  led and hosted by the Thespian Troupe officers. This is just one of the many student-led events that happen through the theater department. Dessert Theatre is full of student performances while audience members, and the occasional performers, enjoy free desserts. The performances range from acting to a showcase on instruments, like the accordion. Many students perform a song or perform an acting scene; a handful of students also play an instrument for this event. The first act ended with a performance of “Cell Block Tango” from the cast of Chicago and the second and final act ended with a lip sync battle from Nevaeh Hall against Spencer Gordon. This event is a tradition that has been running in this school for years and years.

The night was full of laughter and fun desserts, and Alexandra Marusich, one of the performers, commented on her favorite thing about doing Dessert Theater. She states, “It is a fun event; it’s not very serious, there are no consequences, [and] it’s just a couple of people eating dessert and listening to an accordion.” Alexandra was referring to Anna Vidergar when she mentioned the accordion. Vidergar was one of the officers who helped host and plan the event and she herself participated and performed a song with her accordion. She has done this almost every year since she started school at George Washington.

The audience also seemed to enjoy the event. Vanessa Scanlan, who participates in the productions put on by the Patriot Players, was an audience member this night and she had plenty of fun. When asked about it she said, Dessert theater was so much fun, there was a lot of variety in performances and it’s awesome that the parents were involved too.” She also mentioned her sadness in that this will be her last year attending Dessert Theatre due to her being a senior and having plans of continuing her education out of state.

Traditions are a big thing in this theater department, and Dessert Theatre, while an important tradition, can be better in the next few years. This event is attended by only familiar faces, there is no support from the rest of the school for this event and that could be worked on. The support for the arts programs at GW could be fixed but for now, only theater students came. Morgan Ward, a member of the Thespian board, had a lot to say about the school’s support in regards to this event. “I don’t think it’s [keeping the tradition] crazy important. It’s fun to participate in and even more fun to host. If we can get more support I see value in keeping it, but right now? Not really.” Morgan is anticipating to be part of the student board in the next school year, so with this, there may be many changes that occur to not only Dessert Theatre but the many different events that are hosted by the Thespian board.

A fun event for the theater community to participate in, but the big question is, where is the rest of the school to support the different art programs at GW. A free event full of laughs, desserts, and excitement, the students in the program only hope for this event to keep going for more years and for more support from the rest of the student body and faculty.

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