Socialism and its Relevance to Modern Society

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Our world seems so full of injustice. It seems that every day the rich get a bit richer and the poor get a bit poorer, and that’s because they are. Money is one of the greatest problems of our era: more an more people aren’t making enough to survive in this country. High school students fear that they’ll never be able to afford college and college students can’t afford to pay their debts, working class Americans can’t afford homes or food, and the government doesn’t seem to care.

These reasons and more are why younger people have begun to shift more towards socialist ideas, whether they realize it or not. During the most recent election, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez unseated a Democratic Congressional leader on platform of universal healthcare and free public college, both traditionally Socialist ideas. She will be joined in Congress by another Democratic-Socialist, Rashida Tlaib.

These two examples seem to be part of a larger trend; according to a survey from Gallup, 57% of liberals hold a positive view of Socialism, as of 2016. With younger generations leaning more and more towards Socialism, it’s more than likely that such ideals will be reflected in our government.

But how is this relevant to George Washington, you might be asking. The answer is simple; public schools practically rely on Socialist ideals; government funding of schools, whether anyone likes it or not, is a very Socialist idea, and with more people who lean towards Socialism gaining public offices, public schools like GW will more than likely profit from policies passed by politicians with Socialist, and therefore pro-public school, ideals in mind.

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