Spookytime Activities at George

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On October 30th, the Student Council at GWHS put on a haunted house, using our own peers as the actors.  

The haunted house was legitimately scary too!  The team of actors and Student Council put together an amazingly spooky set, located right on the GW stage.  “The set was made with artboard and foam,” said Dasia, the Student Body Vice President. The building was difficult, but the set turned out really well.  The poster board was used to its full potential and the final product was very impressive. One student said, “The poster board made the whole thing look professional.”                   

The planning, setup, and actor makeup all took a sizeable amount of effort and in such little time.  “We started planning on October 29th, so Monday,” stated Jill Osborne, an actor in the haunted house from the Patriot Players.  “We had to put the whole thing together in one day.” Jill said that the “hardest part of the process was putting the walls up. The whole process of setup, makeup, and building took more than five hours.”  She also said that “the hardest challenge I had to overcome was putting on the fake blood and stage makeup.” The other actors also made a point to comment on how difficult the makeup was to complete, especially in the short amount of time the actors had before the start of the event.

It did take a lot of work, but there were two teacher supervisors to help and keep the work moving.  “Mr. Hasbrook and Ms. Richason helped keep us in check,” stated Frankie, an actor in the haunted house.  Although Mr. Hasbrook and Ms. Richason were supervising the whole ordeal, the students did most of, if not all of, the setup, cleanup and of course the actual acting.  The students also ran tickets at the front door and made sure that students were paying for the event.

When Jill reflected on her experience, she thought that all their hard work paid off.  “We actually scared some people!” said Jill. “And I like scaring people, so the whole experience was fun.”  It seems as if the actors thought the work they did was worth the outcome. They all seemed to enjoy scaring their peers, and creating the set was apparently engaging.

In the end, when asked if she was proud of the work the group accomplished, Jill said, “yes, I’m proud.”  If you ask the actors, the haunted house at George was a success.

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