Students Win Top Honors at Speech and Debate Tournament

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The GWHS speech and debate team has come a long way since its beginnings. Before, there were barely any students who showed interest in this, but now they have three students, Tanner Hemmingsen, Avery Williams, and Luca Rabbe, all won awards at the tournament the weekend of October 25th.

They are students in Speech and Debate, out of ten, who got top remarks and the top ten awards. Lucca Raabe won 7th in Oral Interpretation; Avery got 2nd in Dramatic Interpretation; and Tanner Hemmingsen won first place in Humorous Interpretation. “Winning top honors were senior Tanner Hemmingsen, First Place in Humorous Interpretation, senior Lucca Raabe, Seventh Place in Program of Oral Interpretation, and senior Avery Williams, Second Place in Dramatic Interpretation. Congratulations, Patriots,”(Patriot Post). They traveled over the weekend of October 25th to the Bronx in New York City to compete in the Speech & Debate Tournament. Their hard work led them to win awards among so many individuals.

Since the fall of 2006, the Speech & Debate team has come a long way. At first, there was barely any interest from the students to join the class, now the team takes up five full classes. This is clearly shown through their academic awards. “In the 10+ years I have been at GW, the team has come a long way. In the fall of 2006, my first year, there was barely enough new interest to fill two classes. Today, there are five very full classes and GW is recognized as both a state and national powerhouse,” according to the speech and debate website .  

They’ve grown so much to earn top honors in the tournament. “When I first started Speech & Debate, I didn’t know if I would like it,” said Lucca Raabe, “after a while I started to like it because I got to meet people from around the country, grow in my speech skills, and it was kind of fun.” “  I didn’t see any success at first but I kept working hard and eventually I started gaining some awards. If you want to get awards you have to work hard but you won’t even see it at first but keep working and it’ll happen.” Keep working hard and you’ll always be able to attain your dream.

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