The Wrestling Team And Coaches

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As you may have heard, there’s a new and upcoming team on our campus, the wrestling team. With close to 25 members and counting, the wrestling team has become a somewhat popular after school sport.

Led by coach Finesilver and coach Garcia, the wrestling team has done a very proficient job at picking up members. Coach Finesilver has been asking people who stay after school if they would like to join wrestling. After coming to several practices, one student, Jassi Kaur said, “The sport is actually really cool. The team is really nice, and if Finesilver never asked me to join I would’ve missed out on this amazing opportunity.”

The rest of the team seems to agree with the statement that Coach Finesilver is very nice and friendly. Upon being introduced to him by Kaur, I can confirm that statement as well. He seems like a very friendly man with a compatible personality for training wrestlers. Another coach also helps the wrestling team practice, Mr. Garcia. He hosts practices later after school, around 3:30. “Mr. Garcia has really taught me a lot about wrestling technique and rules,” states one student. “I can definitely see my wrestling abilities improving throughout the weeks.”

The wrestling team’s ability was definitely shown through this weeks wrestling competition, held in our gym. Several DPS schools came to compete in different weight classes. Both JV and Varsity wrestling teams competed. Despite some students opinions, the matches were actually quite entertaining, and it is highly suggested by the coaches that you attend a home or away match at some point in the future. “I really wish more students attended the matches,” states one wrestler. “It really means a lot to us when fans come to watch the competitions.”

The wrestling team seems to be starting off strong, and Kaur says “I can’t wait for more peers to start attending the matches so we can get the student body involved!”

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