There is a toilet in my vape room

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Vaping in schools has skyrocketed since I was a Freshman. The first device I saw at George was a disposable banana vape pen that was sold to a friend of mine at none other than… The Hippy Shack on Leetsdale and Monaco. That was the last device I saw until my Junior year.

The same friend pulled out a Juul in class. They started to pop up everywhere the 1st semester of the 2017-18 school year. Suorin, Juul, and Phix devices had been everywhere, not only around George but also in other schools around DPS. Friends and friends of friends started to get their hands on these vapes. Students who were 18 or older got the devices and made them  more accessible to students who are not of age.

I got my hands on one. My friend sold his to me so he could get a new one. The expenses of having a vape device can cost up to $100 or more per month. New pods cost about $15 each. Juice is about $25 to $40 a bottle. Pods burn pretty easily so you typically get 3 to 4 pods a month. This is an expensive habit. That is just for Suorin’s.

I ended up selling mine because some people are desperate for their nicotine needs. It’s sad to see teenagers you go to school with fiending over Juuls or Suorins. I sold mine because I did not need that in my life. It was risky to have and I felt an addiction coming. An addiction that could last a lifetime.

Students who vape are four  times more likely to start smoking cigarettes according to the This is a horrific fact because from anti-smoking ads, we know the harmful effects of smoking. Investigations have started at GW starting with a poll to see which graduating class has used vaping products. The studies show that the leading class who has used vaping products is the Freshman class with Seniors close at second. Sophomores and Juniors are the classes that haven’t used many products. I went around and asked a number of students whether they themselves or friends of them have used vaping products. 90% of students have said that they know of people who have used vape products. Of that 90%, 65% of them have used vape devices themselves.

Us teenagers are the future. I firmly believe we do not need these nicotine devices in our life. I hope once the students read this opinion piece, they can change their perspective on vaping and stop all together. From student to student, please stop vaping.

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