Winter Break: Is It Necessary?

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All students look forward to winter break as it gets closer and closer to New Years. While it does give students time to spend with their families during the holidays, is it necessary to have it cover 2 whole weeks, or is it just the right amount of time?

Winter break this year will span from December 24th- January 4th. Holidays like Christmas and New Years will also fall during this span. It is assumed many students enjoy winter break, as it seems to be a nice pause in waking up early and receiving everyday education. You can spend time with your families, sleep in, and rest your brain until students return for the new year. However, some colleges have began offering mini-semesters so that the learning and memory is not lost during the extensive 3-4 week long break.

According to, “As an added bonus, by closing campuses to everyday students for a period of three to four weeks, colleges suddenly had the ability to offer mini-semesters across winter break… and students now have the free time to enroll.” This brings up another topic, is the break too long? After multiple weeks exempt from doing work, returning back in the new year can be difficult and cause more stress to students, as according to the website, “Now, suddenly thrown into a strange world where essays and problem sets have momentarily ceased to exist, you discover the beauty of free time. This is a dangerous bargain, however, for this addicting alternate reality only serves to make it that much harder when you must return to being a full-time student.”

With both sides being explained, the pros and cons of having an extensive winter break are clear. However, how do the students actually feel about this issue? Some students feel that winter break is a necessity as they look forward to spending quality time on the holidays with their families. states, “The holidays are all about spending time with your loved ones, cherishing in old memories and creating new ones. I’m often guilty of spending those brief weekends we call breaks with my friends, hardly getting quality time with my parents. But once again, winter break comes to the rescue!”

However, not everyone feels the same about winter break and spending the holidays with their families. While eating cookies by the fire with the people you love, or taking a family vacation to somewhere you always wanted to be may sound fun, some students do feel sad during these times, called the “holiday blues.” According to an article from, some people feel like they are not having, or won’t have, as good as an experience as some people, making them feel jealous and depressed, “People’s basis for comparison is not based in reality, because most families have issues and most people do not have the perfect Christmas that they would like to have or that they’d remember from their childhood.”

As we can see from both research studies and students opinions, the topic on whether or not we should have a long winter break in the middle of the school year remains a very split discussion. Whether or not it helps, or if it is necessary to students, will be an ongoing scenario for years. For now, the schedule is not swaying for a change, and we will just have to sit and wait for what happens in the future.

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