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Welcome to my game review. Today I will be reviewing Hotline Miami. For those who don’t know about the game, Hotline Miami is a top-down shooter developed by Dennaton Games and Abstraction Games. It is best known for its unique aesthetic and brutal difficulty.

Although the game is hard, the fast paced gameplay and clear visuals make it fun and fair to conquer. This is definitely the type of game where if you’re willing to put the time in, you can beat it’s many challenges.

The game also has a very unique choice of color pallet which feeds into its aesthetic. The game’s aesthetic is most likely based of synth-wave which makes for some nice visuals and great game feel. The mechanics of this game are amazing giving you so many options to take on the level, you can tell they really wanted you to plan carefully and think fast in each area.

If you don’t take time to observe and learn from the level you will get killed. But because of how intricate the game is, it also lets you take a few risks if you’re skilled enough. Although the game feels tight, there are a few areas that can feel unfair because it does not warn in any way so by the time you’ve figured out what’s going on you’re already dead.

Another well done mechanic in the game is the masks. After you’ve completed a level or two the game will reward you with a mask. These masks give you certain abilities that affect the gameplay. For example the horse mask makes doors lethal when you kick them open.

Overall this game this game can get pretty frustrating but if you’re willing to look past that the game can be pretty fun. I recommend it to almost everybody.

11 recommended
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