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The Be Inspired Fund is an amazing initiative that is funding the resources GW students need to succeed at school. According to its website, “Parents created the Be Inspired Committee in January 2018, which consists of GW faculty, staff, parents and community members,” The organization will fund student education and assistance programs, building/ground improvement projects, teacher and student grants, and community outreach. This fund will provide access to useful items and improve the school in various ways.

Before this fund, many freshman students would not have been allowed to take their old books home. Even if they were able to, these books would be in really bad shape. “We got these torn up books in English class for Othello. Some of them had their covers missing and we had to give them back at the end of the year,” says Gavin, a sophomore this year at GW. This fund will allow us to now purchase new books for the upcoming freshman class.
“The $5,000 from the Be Inspired Fund has enabled every freshman student to receive English books to keep for reading and annotation,” says Language Arts Teacher Jen Harkness-Quintana. Books include The Pregnancy Project by Gaby Rodriguez, Shakespeare’s Macbeth, and Fences by playwright August Wilson. “Be Inspired Fund plans to give another grant to the school for English books that will be purchased and used in the Fall of 2019,” says co-chair Suzanne Brown.

The Be Inspired Fund has also provided funding to the Food Pantry. The Food Pantry provides food to anyone in the GW Community who is in need of food and non-perishables.

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Along with the books and funding to the Food Pantry, The Be Inspired Fund provided two brand new cameras for the Journalism class “They funded two cameras, which is a whole camera package,” said Ms. Richason, the journalism class teacher. If you want to request funds for something you can go to the GW website. Dejza Sims, who is one of the students in yearbook, completed the request for the new cameras, “You go online to the George website and you have to fill out a form explaining why you want the funding and how it’ll be helpful to school or class.”

With an underfunded DPS system that lacks books, cameras, tablets, and technological items, this fund will help produce these items. “The Fund has raised more than $40,000 this school year, with a goal of $50,000 by May 2019,” according to the Patriot Post. This fund will provide access to useful items and improve the school in various ways.
This fund will be a drastic change for the school and boost morale for further improvements.

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