Parents and Students Furious After DPS Does not close down their schools

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On January 29th Colorado got hit by a huge snowstorm. Temperatures were at a high of 29 degrees Fahrenheit and low of 12 degrees. It was snowing a lot, yet DPS would be one of the few districts keeping its schools open. Parents and students were furious over this.

“I almost died pulling out of my neighborhood because my car couldn’t grip the ice and I slid. The roads weren’t even paved with people going 20 mph,” said Hailey, a junior at GW. Many students were put in harm’s way just to get to school.

After school activities at GW were cancelled, the principal even made an announcement telling students she wanted them to get home as soon as possible. “Due to the inclement weather, all after school activities, rehearsals, athletics practices and games, and other extracurricular events are cancelled this afternoon, Monday, January 28,” it said in an email from George Washington High School. They cancelled all after-school extra-curricular activities and sports. To ensure students’ safety, why couldn’t they cancel school altogether?

The decision by DPS had so many people furious because they could’ve been hurt or worse on the treacherous roads and extreme cold. “It felt like I was gonna die. The road conditions were horrible,” said Hailey. If DPS had closed schools, students’ wouldn’t have been at risk.

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