Teacher Strike Approved But Delayed, DPS Reportedly Threatens Teachers With Working Visas

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On Tuesday (1/22/19), a strike vote was approved by the DCTA (Denver Classroom Teachers Association). However, DPS has requested an intervention by the state, which will delay the strike until both the state and the DCTA respond to the request. If the state does intervene, the strike could be prevented for up to 180 days while the state helps mediate negotiations.

In other news, on Thursday DPS apologized for an email which many interpreted as a threat, telling teachers with work visas to inform the district if they intended to strike so they could be reported to immigration services.

“This was wrong,” superintendent Susana Cordova said. “I cannot begin to express how shocked I was to learn of this message and how deeply sorry I am for the anxiety and fear that this has caused our educators, our family and our community.”

Nevertheless, this action has driven a further wedge between many teachers and parents already who hold beliefs that the district is actively antagonizing teachers and the district itself. “I think Susana Cordova needs to be ousted.” one GW parent said. “Her behavior is backhanded and duplicitous.”

It is currently unclear whether the state will intervene, but if it does, it may prevent a strike entirely, or only deepen the divide between the district and the teachers’ union.

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