Teacher Strike In LA and DPS

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LOS ANGELES, CA – MAY 24: UTLA teachers rally in front of L.A. City Hall on Thursday, May 24, 2018. (Luis Sinco/Los Angeles Times)

On January 14th, teachers in Los Angeles, CA began a huge strike. Over 30,000 of them went on a strike for many of the same reasons teachers go on strike for – an increase in pay. They also want smaller classroom sizes and nurses in building every day of the week. “We want to have fully staffed schools. That means librarians, nurses, psychiatric social workers and their interns. We have 46, 45, 50 students in a class. It’s unacceptable,”said Andrea Cohen – Cnn.

Just like in LA, there may be a teacher strike next week in DPS after negotiations failed between the union and the district. The district previously proposed offering teachers $23 million in total pay, raising their base salary by 10 percent. The district has been waiting for the union to give them a counter proposal and that’s exactly what happened on Thursday. The DCTA reduced their asking price from $30 million to $28 million in teachers’ base salary pay.

Both strikes are a result of under-pay by the district. “Teachers are fighting for pay that we should’ve received ten years ago,” said Mr. Archea, the music teacher for GW. “The biggest issue now is probably the amount of money. They’ve been grossly under-funding the teachers for the last 10 years,” Gould said from Fox 31-2 News. It has come to the point where some teachers can no longer afford to live and teach in Denver. “Right now its getting harder and harder to live and work as a teacher in Denver,” from Denver 7 news. “When asked why she was at the rally, George Washington High School teacher Emily O’Ryan said, ‘So I can get a living wage and stop working a second job.'” That’s how bad it’s gotten for some teachers.

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