Winter Sports This Season

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Currently, four sports teams are practicing in the winter season: girl’s basketball, boy’s basketball, wrestling, and girl’s swimming. With the arrival of new teammates this year and the loss of previous ones, it’s possible to see improvement or the latter.  As Michael Jordan says, “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”

Wrestling is a sport that’s been practicing and competing this season. They haven’t broken any records yet, but some individuals on the team, including Jose Alberto-Avalos, a sophomore at George, are looking forward to doing so next year. Jose said that to break records next year, he will, “…just keep working out, getting bigger in [his] weight class.” Coach Garcia described how improvement in the team varies from year to year, depending on how many newcomers and previous teammates join. He also said, “Last year, as far as individuals, was really good. Last year, we had Luis [Garcia] who did really well and led the team. We also had Keira Dial…” Coach Garcia mostly measures progress, however, by if you were better than you were yesterday rather than whether or not you win. Nevertheless, they are sure to make meet many new goals as a team, this season or next.

Boy’s basketball, one of the most popular sports at George has a very accomplished history. The team has some major goals set for next year and the rest of the season. One athlete on the team, Eddie McPhee commented, “Jervay Green has 64 points in a game by himself, so me or Kendale [Johnson] are going to try and break the record next year.” Lots of luck to Eddie and Kendale!

Additionally, the girl’s basketball team has many strong participants. Maddie Landers is a three-point guard on the team. She is looking forward to breaking records against Montbello January 19th; she wants to break 15 points in a game. The team is doing great this season and there is only room to continue growing!

Last year, in Girl’s swimming, the team broke records in the “50 [fly], 100 fly, the 2-free relay and the 4-free relay,” according to Coach Andrew Harbuck. They haven’t broken any records yet this year, but the team is working harder and harder over the season to improve themselves and the team as a whole. Amelia Wanebo, a freshman at George says the way she gets motivated is by, “looking at other teammate and how they’re doing and all their support. So that kinda makes me want to keep going with everything.” With the determination that Amelia and others on the team possess, they are sure to take big strides in the years to come, perhaps even surpassing last year’s team.

Although George hasn’t set any new records in the Winter Sports this season, they are sure to meet all of their goals next year with their hard work and motivation. If you look at their meet and game schedule on the GWHS website, it’s possible to go watch these incredible athletes accomplish their goals and improve throughout the season.

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