Teacher Strike Finally Ends on its Fourth Day

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After negotiations between the Union and DPS failed on Friday, February 8 the teachers announced that on Monday, February 11th, they would begin a teacher strike. “We will strike Monday for our students and for our profession, and perhaps then DPS will get the message and return to the bargaining table with a serious proposal aimed at solving the teacher turnover crisis in Denver,” Henry Roman, president of the Denver Classroom Teachers Association, said in a statement. – The Denver Post.

The strike left District officials to hire many substitutes from around the city. “District officials — who have hired 300 new substitute teachers and have an “active roster” of 1,200 subs — have said they intend to keep Denver’s 161 public schools open during a strike, though they will cancel preschool classes for 3- and 4-year-olds,” – The Denver Post.

But without most teachers, students were grouped up into classes based on their last name but they didn’t even do anything in these classes. They were just required to check-in and then do whatever they pleased. It was very chaotic and unorganized. “It’s so boring that most people in my class already left to go home and now there are barely any students left,” said Gavin, a sophomore at GW.

This strike lasted for four days, but finally on the fourth day, the district and the Union were able to come to an agreement. “The Denver school district and teachers union have reached an agreement in their long-simmering dispute over teacher pay, ending a strike as it entered its fourth day. The tentative deal gives teachers significant raises and a more traditional pay system, while keeping incentives for teachers at high-poverty schools that the district believes are essential,” – Chalkbeat.

This strike was the second one for Denver in over 25 years. The students deserved to have been educated at this time yet DPS relied on a selfish agenda to maintain what they wanted.

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