The Best Rogue-Lite Ever

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Dead Cells is a rogue-lite, metroidvania inspired, action-platformer. Some of you might be wondering why that specific title for this review was chosen.

For those of you don’t know a rogue-lite, it is a game where when you die you start over from the beginning and each time you die the world gets procedurally-generated into a new version of itself. For this reason rogue-lites get somewhat of a bad reputation because of their repetitive and annoying nature.

However, Dead Cells is an example of how you can do it right. Instead of restarting completely, the game will start letting you keep some of the stronger weapons the better and farther you get into the game. I think this is a great game design because it rewards the player for actually playing the game.

Right off the bat I could tell I was having a very fun and fluent experience. The controls were easy to pick up for both the controller and the keyboard. The entirety of the game play revolves around the weapons you choose and find, how you use them and the cycle of kill, die, learn, and repeat.

Despite the reputation of these types of games I found this to be both fun and enjoyable. The game is twenty-five dollars on stream so if you have any second thoughts about buying the game I recommend you try it first at least.

18 recommended
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