The Instagram Egg

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Recently, a new Instagram like leader has emerged, and yes, it’s a photo of an egg.

The original record holder of most Instagram likes, the famous celebrity personality, Kylie Jenner.  The egg appeared basically out of nowhere, and the poster is marked as unknown on Wikipedia. Kylie Jenner held the most liked Instagram post for a long stretch of time, 341 days as of January 15. The egg photo, as of this same date, has only held the most liked record for 1 day.

After the egg beat the record, several other accounts attempted to recreate the egg’s success through their own posts, the most notable being a piece of corn, and a loaf of bread. The funny thing is that the egg has gained so many likes, that many students in George Washington High School know about the egg. Raymond Hernandez, a freshman at GW states, “Yeah I liked the egg. Im pretty sure everyone did.”

After a few more students were asked if they liked the Instagram egg, they all said yes.  The fact that so many students were awhare of the eggs existence possibly proves that the main demographic of people liking it were younger people. Erin Harwood states, “Im pretty sure that younger people liked the egg. I doubt that there were a bunch of middle aged men liking an egg on instagram.”

The egg has passed over 50 million likes as of January 21, and the likes keep increasing. The owner of the account (who still remains unknown) is actually selling merch now, which is a great opportunity to make money. Jazzi Kaur states, “Im not gonna buy egg merch. It’s definitely gonna be completely irrelevant in two weeks.”

So if you’re feeling inspired by the egg post on Instagram, and you wanna make your own account in order to try your hand at the newest Instagram trend meant to fish for likes.

The egg is pictured below:

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