The Incurable Senioritis!

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Senioritis is spreading through George like an incurable disease. Seniors are  so ready to escape the walls of high school that they are skipping out on class more frequently and slacking on assignments. Some students are also more-so consumed by the strains of preparing for college, like writing essays and applying for scholarships.

Some students, infected by the ever-growing senioritis, give up on their high school work, forgetting that they must complete it to graduate. This can be a tricky situation for some. The stress of having to apply to multiple colleges and write numerous essays and apply for scholarships while also juggling school-work can be too much to handle for the average student. This is why some resort to focusing solely on college work rather than their high school work. A senior at George, Edyth Moldow, elaborated that most of her work and stress is derived from her IB Chemistry course. She says it’s the source of most of her homework and causes her to struggle to balance the time-consuming college applications with that workload. It could be really beneficial to some if teachers lifted the workload to allow room for a balance of work in Seniors’ lives.

Senioritis is infecting seniors in different ways across the board. Although chaos sweeps through their everyday lives, consisting of various tasks, (IB homework and essays, college and scholarship applications) determined seniors push through the battle in order to win the war and graduate. It’ll be exciting to see where life will take these rising college students, professionals, and young adults. Wishing good luck to all of the George seniors!

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