Jewish oppression

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Passover is the Jewish Holiday celebrating the Jews’ escape from Egypt a long time ago. The state of oppression that the Jews were in can be compared to certain modern day issues. Although we have come far since the Pharaohs of 1200 BCE and from the Slave Trade of the 16th Century and the Holocaust of the 1930s, some issues are still present, looming in the shadows of society. Women are oppressed people of THIS time period. Passover is a time to reflect on this situation, delving deep into the root of human circumstance.

The overall schematic of ancient Egypt was a monarchy ruling over an entire group of enslaved people. For hundreds of years, the Pharaoh bloodline developed a system of slave labor to build one of the most powerful empires of ancient times. It is believed that the Jews were the ones that built the pyramids and the fascinating tombs that have been discovered in the ruins of ancient Egypt. Yet these hard-to-break people managed to escape the oppression they had faced for so long. Besides the supernatural factors, the Jews had powerful leaders and strength that allowed them to overcome. It makes you wonder what other people have experienced in a similar respect, and who are the leaders that have broken down walls to make room for improvement.

First, we must take a look at women. They are paid less than men and treated far less equally. It may not be visible to the normal eye, but take another glance, look a little further…it’s not that hard to see. For instance, one in five women will be raped in their lives and the average female worker makes 80.7 cents to a man’s dollar (6 Charts that Show the Glaring Gap Between Men and Women’s Salaries, Sonam Sheth, Shayanne Gal, Andy Kiersz, April 2, 2019). This is all because of how women are viewed in society: weaker and lesser. Nevertheless, some incredible women have broken this stereotype and  been the tether to advancement, just as the Jews of Egypt did. Michelle Obama is an example of how many women have broken the gender stereotypes in America. She is a graduate of not only Princeton University but also Harvard Law. When she became first lady, she used her voice to help empower women who didn’t. She wrote a book to get to more people and empower them as well.  Just as Michelle Obama overcame the struggles of being a woman, the Jews are remembered by their escape from Egypt despite the odds.

The manifestation of bias in the oculus of the human mind, traces all the way back to Adam and Eve. But when this is broken, new things are built. For the Jewish people, it was a strong culture, dependent on traditions held steady for years. On Passover, whether you are Jewish or not, think on surpassing oppression, and developing society as a whole. It is more than what meets the eye.

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