Tiger Woods: Record Breaker

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Tiger Woods could possibly be known as the greatest golfer in the world. On Sunday, April 14th, Woods won his 5th Masters and 14th major championship (2nd all-time). Born in Cypress, California in 1975, Woods has broken many records and has been considered one of the greatest golfers ever, including perhaps the greatest comeback during the masters.

While he has already broke many records, he is still thriving and on the chase for more. An article from cbssports.com states, “For starters, the victory gives Tiger Woods 81 career PGA Tour wins. He now sits just one win behind Sam Snead’s record of 82, and given what we’ve seen from Woods in the last calendar year — high finishes at The Open and PGA Championship, a victory at the Tour Championship and now this epic Masters win — it can be assumed that record is serious jeopardy moving forward.” This quote from CBS foreshadows the continuing greatness from Tiger Woods, and explains why golf fans should be looking forward to Tiger Woods in the near future.

Tiger Woods has been through many diversities in his career, making his historic comeback in the Masters on Sunday even more memorable. According to businessinsider.com, “The veteran golfer had been bereft of major championship victories for 11 years, struck by scandals in his private life, and feared he would struggle to walk, let alone compete, because of four back surgeries.” Tiger Woods, while being known as one of the best golfers of all time, is a huge inspiration to everyone and continues to make his comeback story more and more exciting and surprising.

Throughout all the diversities in his career and now one of the greatest golfing comebacks ever, Tiger Woods dedicates his accomplishments to his family. Cnn.com states, “I did the same thing to my dad and now I’m the dad with my son doing the same thing,” he reflected to CNN’s Andy Scholes. “It’s amazing how life evolves, changes.” With the masters win on Sunday, Woods is not done yet and is still seeking to break records.

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