Wings in a Power Line: Trump Tweets

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Over the course of two full years in office, the American people have witnessed the ignorance in power. President Donald Trump has posted numerous tweets describing situations and people in high positions in a ruthless, perhaps even childish manner. He is inclined to boast about his success, or lie about the lack thereof. Admittedly, some of Trump’s actions haven’t been completely objectionable, but his social presentation has gotten out of hand.

For one, he has established an immature persona for himself, through countless attacks of others and bragging about himself. According to the Trump Twitter Archive, the president has referred to himself as, “the least racist person there is,” and, “the best by far in fighting terror.” Well, those claims are just that: claims, and nothing more. In fact, Trump has made a slew of offensive remarks, including one during his campaign, in which he said that Mexico was, “bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, they’re rapists.”  He classified an entire people as rapists. With allegations against himself, he probably shouldn’t be making that claim.

Additionally, his brag about winning the war on terror has been somewhat misleading. So far, “…maps show that most of the territorial collapse of ISIS took place during the Trump administration. But defense experts say that what the maps don’t show are the offensive operations that began under Obama.” Everything Trump has been capable of doing to destroy ISIS has been a continuation of the efforts put forth by the former president. The Obama administration paved way for improvements, using moderate, offensive, and defensive tactics. Therefore, Trump can’t take all of the credit, as he has been doing in his racially-charged and false tweets.

In order to fully describe every unjustified quote and tweet Trump has released, I’d have to write a full-scale report, gathering information from hundreds of sources and interviews. Ironically, Trump once tweeted about himself, “Many are saying I’m the best 140 character writer in the world,” (Trump Twitter Archive).  If this is true, maybe he can write it himself.

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