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The Instagram Egg


Recently, a new Instagram like leader has emerged, and yes, it’s a photo of an egg. The original record holder of most Instagram likes, the famous celebrity personality, Kylie Jenner.  The egg appeared basically out of nowhere, and the poster is marked as unkn... More »

The Wrestling Team And Coaches


As you may have heard, there’s a new and upcoming team on our campus, the wrestling team. With close to 25 members and counting, the wrestling team has become a somewhat popular after school sport. Led by coach Finesilver and coach Garcia, the wrestling team h... More »

Spookytime Activities at George


On October 30th, the Student Council at GWHS put on a haunted house, using our own peers as the actors.   The haunted house was legitimately scary too!  The team of actors and Student Council put together an amazingly spooky set, located right on the GW stage.... More »

The Midterms and Title IX


Title IX, a proposition by President Donald Trump, could threaten the rights of Transgender students all across America.  As you may have heard, the 2018 midterms took place on Tuesday, November 6th. During this election, a lot took place, particularly on the ... More »


GW Pizza: The Guy Behind the Sales


11:10 AM on Monday is just another lunch for the students at GWHS, but it’s a day of work for Konstantin, the guy who sells pizza from the white truck at the end of the courtyard.  Not many students actually bother to learn who Konstantin is. Out of the three ... More »